About You

About You

The Courageous Chick


 You’re an ambitious professional with big dreams — but for some reason, you can’t seem to get the raise, promotion or recognition you deserve. Or maybe, you’re a community leader looking to expand your public platform — but you’re nervous about taking that next step. Perhaps you’re an aspiring adventurer who wants to see the world — but can hardly even get a moment to yourself between your family’s needs and your career’s demands.

Something is holding you back from being your best self, whether it’s at your workplace or your home. Whatever it is, The Shift & Align Changemakers Circle can help you create change in the one place you have total control — your mind.

I believe that by changing your mindset, you can change your life. You can do this in three steps:

Get Clear

Change your anxiety into awareness

I can help you set goals in multiple areas of your life and create a plan to work toward them. When you live each day with purpose, you see beyond the right-now. This direction will give you the power to deal with life’s many everyday stressors and overcome any setback.

Get Confident

Change your self-sabotage into self-love

In our sisterhood of like-minded go-getters, you will learn how to respect yourself as the influencer you are and how to fight for your dreams. I can show you how to love yourself as you are, as well as grow to be your best self.

Get Courageous

Change your self-doubt into self-assurance

When you have clarity and confidence, it’s easy to be courageous! This is because you finally know what you want and know you deserve it. The only question left is — How will you get there? Together, we’ll develop a plan and put it into action. With strong, loving support from your fellow Courageous Chicks, you will never be alone on your journey!

Whether you stumbled upon The Courageous Chick through Google or heard of us from a friend, there is a reason you are reading this right now. You were brought here because you are tired of struggling with a lack of confidence, unclear goals and unhealthy relationships. You are ready to excel and move to the next level, you just don’t know what your next step will be — But I do. That next step needs to be change.

Get clear. Get confident. Get courageous.